CS GO case opening simulator free

What is a CS GO case opening simulator? Is it free and how does it work? These are the questions that many gamers and fans of Counter Strike: Global Offensive have been asking recently. Each player wants to get some cool stuff and test it in the game, fighting against hundreds of enemies and impressing them with a unique rifle or exceedingly rare Butterfly knife. Unfortunately, there is no chance to get such skins absolutely for free, for even if you drop it from a case you need to buy this case or the key for it first. Not to mention that Steam’s randomized dropping algorithm does not let users get any amazing stuff, not in a thousand years. Still, all gamers are free to use CS GO case opening simulator that all skins marketplaces have on their main pages. So, what does this case opener offer?

Free case opening simulator on online trading service

How does this addition of skins trading service work? To try using CS GO case opening simulator you can absolutely for free and you don’t even have to register on the website! Simply go to the main page, where you will find this simulator, spin it and open CSGO cases for free and without keys. The only difference is that you won’t get any items you obtain from this spinning to your Inventory. But if you get a red or even an exceedingly rare gold skin in case opening simulator free, you definitely have the same chances to get those after you buy a pair of real cases (that cost ridiculously little money). So, as soon as you test the site on case simulator, don’t waste your time, buy some cases and open them without any keys. You will certainly get unbelievably great items!

To start opening real cases on skins marketplace you need:

  1. To register on the websites (simply log in via Steam);
  2. To select some cases: Hobo, Fight Club, Master Chef and others;
  3. To open them without keys;
  4. And, finally, get a few most desirable skins!

Go ahead and test your luck!