CSGO box opening service

What is CSGO box opening and where should we open cases to gain maximum profit for the least spent money? All these in the following article. Read it to the end!

It isn't news that players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will do everything they can to gain exceedingly rare items. First of all, they want to test it in the game, reveling in fights and combats with great souvenir rifles or Karambit Factory new knives. Second, they are eager to astonish all rivals, enemies with their cool look and make them surrender at the mere sight of such an amazing fighter. The question is, how can we obtain these incredible skins unboxing CSGO cases not in Steam? Should we buy them for thousands of dollars or are there any other ways to get them? Of course, there are. We should simply use CSGO box opening on cases marketplace!

What is CSGO box opening

Do you often open cases on Steam? Then you certainly know what it’s like. However, you will never guess that on our service CSGO box opening is much more profitable. Why? Let's see:

  1. Unlike on Steam, you don’t need to buy or win in the game any special items (keys) to open cases. As soon as you buy one case you can open it without key and get the items.
  2. Unlike on Steam, you have a lot of chances to get the best CS GO drop and really awesome skins, red, purple or even gold ones. Whereas on Steam service Valve has installed randomized dropping algorithm that doesn't let gamers win items that cost more than $10.
  3. Unlike in Steam the whole process of CS GO cases opening is completed within 1 minute.
  4. Unlike on Steam, you can make use of discounts, gifts, giveaways and what not on Kuycase website!

So, now all you don't need to opt what service sells CSGO cases, just register on our site via Steam account and immerse in CSGO box opening! Receive you knives, rifles and gloves already now!