The best CSGO case opener

Nowadays there are a lot of services that are called CSGO case openers. Modern players don’t want to pay money to Valve company, they don’t want to bleed money in vain because of Valve's inside slogan. Slogan that sounds like this: “No rare or valuable drop for players, just give us more your cash”. It may sound a bit exaggerated, but in fact, it is true. So what to do in this case? Use our best CSGO case opener and get cool skins and weapons without a key.

Why should you use CSGO case opener

Let's speak about Valve a little bit more. A lot of people trust this company because it has a good history and hasn’t been noticed in scandals. But say us honestly - how often do you get cool items through Steam digital distribution service? Something rare and precious like Desert Eagle Crimson Web, AWP Asiimov or AWP Lone Dragon.

But how does the machine that steals money from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans work? All start with the key. Each case requires a key. Without this special item, you can't open the container and get a loot, which costs real money.  But there is a way to exchange in-game currency for this key, but it will take ages to earn enough points. And all your efforts won’t pay off because of Steam randomness algorithm.

So what should you do if you can’t trust Valve Company? How can you get the most awesome loot like AWP Lone Dragon and AUG Akihabara? Where and what cases to open to get desirable loot? Use our CSGO case opener and you will open cases without keys.

Advantages of our website

Our website, where you can open CSGO cases without keys, has a lot of cool features and advantages. We provide our users with a lot of cool gifts and giveaways, discounts and sales. Moreover, giveaways are hold every week, so any user can get boxes for free! As well, with our CS GO case opening tips you'll have a better chance to drop awesome loot. And also they are cheaper, than on Steam. So don’t waste your time and buy here your first container. You won’t be disappointed in any case.