CSGO case opening simple as a shot

Is it legal to make CSGO case opening as easy, as it can be? We think yes. Is it legal to give our users a chance of Dragon Lore dropping? We think yes. So, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to one of the best marketplaces. Here we are, and we are ready to show you one of the simplest ways to open cheap cases. There is now no need to spend your money on the keys. It is possible to stop believing in the Steam random. All you need to get the rare items like red and purple is just using CSGO case opening sites without keys.

Do you need to open CS GO cases in game

Each new player of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is always asked, asks and will ask the same question and will receive the same answer: it's better to open CS GO cases online because a similar manipulation in Steam will not bring the expected benefits and result. This statement is quite true for the following reasons. Firstly, the chance to get truly expensive items tends to zero. You are more likely to see the Death Star in the middle of the city than get a good drop in the game. All this is happening because of the randomness of the Valve servers.

Second, for each box you need a key. Keys are not lying on the ground or grow on the tree. They can be obtained for the in-game points, which dropped for playable hours in multiplayer battles or buy instantly for real. Actually, you can easily calculate how much you have to play or how much money you should spend before in your inventory will be desirable AWP or AK-47 skins. What should you do? Just use our service, where CSGO case opening can happen online or without a key. As well, our site provides a great opportunity to test your luck on CS GO case opening simulator free, wich doesn't requires any investments!

CSGO case opening benefits

There are a lot of benefits that our CSGO case opener site gives to users. You don't need to buy expensive keys, you don't need to wait a lot of to withdraw your money from Steam. You just need to relax and get best CSGO drop from your case opening right into your inventory.