Is it possible to open CSGO cases without key?

Finally, the dream of all fans of the popular shooter from Valve, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is accomplished! Now an opportunity to open CSGO cases without key is real! Finally, the best drop in the game like skins and weapons has become more accessible. The truth is that it can be done only through third-party sites. But still, to open CSGO cases without key is much more profitable at such services.

Can I open CSGO cases without keys in the game?

There is no possibility to open CS GO cases in the game. After all, cases’ sale brings Gabe Newell a huge amount of money. A single key is not very expensive. But show me a person who buys only one key. And now multiply the number of all your cases on the value of a single key. And then multiply the resulting sum to the probability of getting an awesome sniper rifle, which proposes a randomness algorithm of Steam. Hit ratio is incredibly low, so you can already stop hoping to get the best items from the beloved game. How, then, should you do? How to open cheapest CSGO cases without keys with the maximum benefit? The answer is very simple. Use third-party websites on the Internet where awesome skins drop from cheap cases.

CSGO cases unlocker

What advantages do CSGO cases unlocker services provide its users?

  • Firstly, significant cost savings. It is possible to save from 10 to 40 percent;
  • Secondly, the probability of getting good drop is much higher. If you look at different sources, in Steam this figure varies at 0.01-0.02 percent. Nevertheless, you can get even most expensive csgo knives from cases online on our website;
  • Third, it is more comfortable to work at such services. Sites are automated, just a couple of clicks and all items will move to your inventory.

And of course, regular discounts, gifts, and promotions will be an additional advantage of using sites for opening CSGO cases online without a key.