How to buy cases in CS GO

Every player wants to know how to buy cases in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. How to buy them fast, how to open them fast without any key, etc. A lot of people asking for advice about how to choose a reliable marketplace, how to understand that chosen service won't be cheating on you. And the main questions are how to buy cases in CS GO and to get the best drop from the cheapest of them. Here is the most contradictory answer - we do not advice to open and buy containers on Steam.

Where and how to buy cases in CS GO

The main thing in buying CS GO cases is to forget about using Steam to open dropped Counter-Strike: Global Offensive containers. Except long time playing and farming one case, you also need to buy a key, that you can also be farmed for hours or bought for real money. This is what players don't like at all and this is the reason why marketplaces appear on the Internet. All you need for successful sales and favorable CS GO cases lay down at your feet. After you will read a certain amount of comments, you will clearly understand that is the best marketplace. Also, this service offers different promotion sales, giveaways, and other contests.

Why shouldn’t you ask for help from Steam? Everything is very simple. Algorithm of random drop runs extremely bad for the final user because of Steam store popularity. This means that no matter how long you farm and how long would you try to get the case, you will still not be able to get the desirable gun.

How to buy cheap cases in CS GO and get rare items

In any case, trading platforms are the most profitable way to open cheap cases, as a chance to get a high-end drop on Steam equals zero. On our website, even when you are buying the cheapest chest, the drop rate on average is twice higher than in the same Valve store. So just be careful and pay attention to what you are doing. Maybe, exactly you will be lucky and get rare items like Dragon Lore.