How to drop a knife in CSGO

The question: “How to drop a knife in CSGO” certainly interests all gamers of the most epic game of the century Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Usually, they think that Steam platform is the only place where they can open CS:GO cases to get knives. But it’s not like that. There are a lot of third party services that offer the greatest cases where you can get not only cool drops, but actually the exceedingly rare knives. Let’s find out all about them and learn how to drop a knife in CSGO quickly.

How to drop a knife in CSGO: why not Steam or the game

Many fans would argue, why use these third-party sites, when you can simply go to Steam or open cases in the game. Well, there are two main reasons why it’s not a good idea. First, both on Steam and in the game you would need a special item, the so-called key to open each box. Moreover, all gamers know about Gabe Newell’s random dropping algorithm. There are almost no chances to get at least anything worthy, what let alone knife skins.

So, what to do them? How to drop a knife in CSGO and try it out in the game?

Online trading platforms

As mentioned earlier, on third-party services you can open CS:GO weapon cases without keys and get the desired knives. We offer you our service to enjoy cases opening. More than that, containers are really cheap on our site and some cost under $1. Let’s find out which container it is best to buy to get cool knives.

How to drop a knife in CSGO: knife cases at Kuycase

  • Master Chef case – you can get the exceedingly rare Karambit Marble Fade knife or Bayonet from it.
  • Dragon case – Karambit Fade or Flip knife.
  • Dictator Pack – Huntsman knife, Karambit.
  • You can also get knives from such packs as Commando pack, Trooper and Marksman pack.

Benefits of our automatic trading service

  1. You can register on such sites in no time;
  2. You can open cheap CSGO cases without key;
  3. You can get the won knives immediately to your inventory;
  4. You can address all your questions to technical support;
  5. Discounts and gifts from the sites.