Most expensive csgo knives from cases

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has become one of the most popular games in history. There two different teams have to fight with each other and make use of various items: rifles, guns, bombs and rare most expensive csgo knives from cases. As probably all gamers know you can switch skins for these weapons in the game and hence, alter the way they look. Gamers can buy all these skins either in Steam or on third-party services that have lately proven to be quite trustworthy. Also they can buy and open CSGO cases online and get such loot. It's no secret that some of these skins are very hard to get and that’s why many want them in their collections.

In this article we want to speak about the rarest and most expensive csgo knives from cases in history of Counter Strike. Many gamers are ready to spend thousands banknotes of real cash to get those. Are you?

What expensive csgo knives can you get from cases

  • Karambit | Gamma Doppler

Costs more than $450

This unique item was designed to incarnate silat, martial discipline of Asian countries. All thanks to its curved blade that imitates the claw of a tiger. Usually used with a reversed grip it is simply fatal for all your enemies.

  • Bayonet Night (Factory New)

Price: around $500

It's a quite rare and one of the most expensive csgo knives from cases, M-9 bayonet. Initially it was to be fixed on a rifle, but it doesn't mean it's bad for close combat. Single parts of this awesome item are spray-painter. Prepare for a good companion if you have it!

  • M9 Bayonet | Marble Fade

Price: around $900

Another M-9 bayonet. As the previously mentioned one it was also to be mounted on a rifle, but can be used for close-quarters fights. Decorated by airbrushing paints it will certainly look cool on your screen.

  • Karambit | Lore (Factory New)

Price: around $1,000-1,100

This Karambit knife is among the most expensive csgo knives and we can certainly understand why. As well as in other Karambits, its blade is similar to a tiger’s claw, which makes them so gorgeous. This one, made of gold and decorated with beautiful Asian-style pattern is sure to catch your and other gamers’ attention.

  • Karambit | Crimson Web (Factory New)

Costs $1,500

Yet another Karambit that is certainly worth mentioning. Died in burgundy colors and additionally decorated with a pattern imitating a spider web it is simple catchy.

  • StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web (Factory New)

Price: $5,000-8,000

Probably the most expensive cs go knife in history. In 2014 it was sold for as much as $23,000. Of course, today it doesn’t cost that much, but to gain it you need quite a substantial amount of money. But anyway, it’s worth it.