Now you can open CS GO cases without a key

You spend hundreds of hours playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but still don’t have a rare knife, red or purple item? No surprises because this is how the Valve random works. The chance of getting cool and rare item in game or Steam is incredibly low, around 0,01%! And don’t forget that you also need to spend much cash to buy keys! But we’ve changed this! Now you can open CS GO cases not only in game or Steam but also using web services where you don’t need a key, and the prices are good!

Is it possible to open CS GO cases without a key?

And the answer is no! Nobody from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community can open CS GO cases without key. Valve makes a lot of money each year selling keys for CS: GO gamers, that’s why it is impossible to open cases in game or Steam. And they don’t want to change this rule.

You will never be able to open cases for free in game, but there is another way. All you need to do is to find the site which sells CS GO cases, to buy the first one and to get the best drop! Have you ever dreamed about cool weapon or skin? So don’t waste your time, open cheap CS GO cases without a key and get it easily.

There’s no need to rely on receiving cool drop while opening cases in Steam. Now it is easy to find the best loot without spending your valuable time or money.

Opening CS GO cases at our is very profitable

Why should you buy CS GO cases and open them online? Why should you never do it on Steam again?

  • this is economically advantageous for your wallet;
  • you can save more than 20 percent comparing to Steam prices;
  • it is very comfortable.

All these sites are fully automated and user-friendly. Forget about slow working Steam. Thirdly, the chance of getting something valuable is highly increased. You will definitely get something cool. And the last feature from the long list is everyday discounts, promotions, prizes and other lucrative offers.

Don’t waste time anymore and try to open your first case right now.