Open CSGO cases for free

One of the most important questions of our times, that carries all of Counter Strike: Global Offensive sounds like: “How can I open CSGO cases for free?”. It's an absolutely normal question because Valve system does not allow obtaining a better drop. So how can you economy your time and money and still get the best drop? Just search for the web-sites, where you can open CSGO cases for free without key, and you’ll find out that our platform is one of the best for this.

Why is it better to open CSGO cases for free

Actually, the answer to this question can be given by every player, which comes to this conclusion, having learned from their mistakes. You should stop cold opening containers in the game and start opening for free online only. Why so? All because of stupid Valve policy. To each box in the game, you need a key to open it. This special key costs a lot of money. To the company itself, it's really profitable to sell them for a great price. Because just for one week every player has got more than 3-4 case dropping and for each of them they need a key. But the funniest and the most interesting thing in all of that is that Valve company has made the worst drop system, which won't give you a good in-game drop. This was made with the expectation that gamer will try again the next week and so over and over again.

How, then, can you circumvent these wall that separates your inventory and elite drop? It's quite simple: open CSGO cases for free and you will get cherished purple knives and AK-47 skins quickly and cheaply.

CSGO cases without keys

Our target is to help you get the desirable weapon right now. Besides CS GO case clicker, our service also has some huge advantages that may interest you. Firstly, a lower price in comparison with Steam. Secondly, the higher chance to get the right item. And thirdly, to open CSGO cases without keys, there is no need to spend your money. Hasten to us for the best drop!