How can you open CS GO cases online

A lot of players from the big community of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive always try to find an alternative way to open CS GO cases online. The best and most valuable loot, skins and weapon, which cost real money, can be dropped only from them. But there is one little problem - the unfair random algorithm installed on Valve servers. So what should you do? Use one from thousands of services where you can open CS GO cases online without a key because you can find the best drop only there.

How should I open CS GO cases: online or using Steam

Nowadays CS:GO box opening in game or Steam is very similar to burning of all the cash you spend on that action. This statement based on real experience of thousands of players who initially try to do this. Why? Because of the keys, which are required to open CS GO cases online. You don’t have them for free, you can obtain them using special in-game points or real money. If you choose the first way, you need to get points for playing online matches. And if you spend real money you will get keys immediately. It seems pretty easy and fair, but then you will meet Valve’s random algorithm. It lowers the probability of getting better loot in the game to an absolute minimum. You can stop hoping for getting the best skin or weapons from that cases. Therefore, as can be seen, it is more profitable to open CS GO cases online on other sites. As well, you can try your luck with CS GO case simulator, which will show you how does the opening random works.

Advantages of services for buying CSGO cases

You will be surprised, but these sites have a lot of good features and advantages of buying CSGO cases. Firstly, the bigger chance of getting good loot from the most profitable CSGO case on the site. Secondly, you will definitely save more money. And don’t forget about permanent discounts, promotions, and gifts.