What CSGO cases to open

A lot of Counter Strike players around the world asks how and what CSGO cases to open. It's very funny to understand that somebody still opens counter strike chests on Steam. The first problem is that you need to pay for a key to get an ability to open just one box, not even a number of them. So why are you still using Valve market? Such a way you'll never have any profit. So we offer you some interesting advice and tips about why should you use third-party marketplaces to open containers with the best drop online. Maybe, after reading our article you will understand exactly what CSGO cases to open.

What CSGO cases to open on marketplaces

There are a lot of types of chests and what CSGO cases to open on marketplaces is an often asked question. There are a lot of services on the internet, which offer different boxes, of course. Also, the price which services determine for different types of containers is variable. From service to service, there is a big price scatter. One chest can be cheap, while another one can cost a sight of money. So what a common user should choose? First, you have no reasons to buy the most expensive boxes. Even in cheapest of them, you can earn some really impressive and expensive stuff, like Dragon Lore or Karambit. And believe us, chances that you will get expensive types of CS GO skins from cases our site is far bigger than on Steam.

Advantages of marketplaces

Third-party marketplaces will help you to understand that when you are using Steam, you just waste your time and money. When you find out advantages of crates opening sites, you will definitely understand where and what CSGO cases to open.

So here you can see advantages of our marketplace:

  • Low prices for all CS GO cases on the website;
  • Good random drop;
  • Big community;
  • No keys;
  • Giveaways;
  • Online technical support and etc.

As you see, there are a lot of advantages comparing to Steam. But we promise you, that when you find out how this business is working, you will get a lot of impressive stuff.